Marijuana Related Arrests

Two nonstudents were arrested for marijuana-related charges within the past four days, said UTA Capt. Mike McCord.

The first incident occurred Friday morning in the 200 block of Second Street. A male student reported being pushed and cursed at by an unknown male while walking to class. The student reported the incident to UTA Police Department and the officers made contact with a man fitting the description a while later, McCord said.

After investigating the suspect, officers discovered he had traffic warrants out of Fort Worth. While searching the man, officers found marijuana and cited him for possession under 2 ounces. He was arrested for the warrants, issued a citation for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces and a criminal trespass warning by the school and transported to Arlington jail without incident.

The second incident occurred Monday morning in the 800 block of UTA Boulevard.

A male driving a Honda Accord was pulled over for a broken tail light. After investigating the man, officers discovered the man had speeding warrants out of Hutchinson County and arrested him. An inventory of his car revealed the man had a pipe with marijuana residue. He was issued a paraphernalia ticket and transported to Arlington jail without incident.

Students arrested for underage drinking

Two students received citations for underage drinking Saturday night, McCord said.

Officers were dispatched to a party at Timber Brook Apartments in response to an alert of a party with possible underage drinking.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with two male students and a female nonstudent. One of the males admitted to officers that he was underage and had consumed alcohol. He was cited for underage drinking.

Officers then made their way to the location of the party and, after investigating, cited another male student with underage drinking and broke up the party.


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