Arlington ISD meal distribution program to operate biweekly instead of daily

School services specialists work a line as they assemble bags with food with that will be handed to students at Boles Junior High School on March 17 in Arlington. Boles is one of 23 locations across the school district that are distributing meals to schools.

Arlington Independent School District will change its student meal distribution schedule from daily to biweekly pickups beginning Monday, according to an Arlington ISD news release Thursday.

The district will distribute meals from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays at every site.

The change in schedule was enforced to enable the district to sustain the program while distributing more food to children and reducing the number of times families need to leave their homes. Over 700,000 meals have been provided to children under 18 since March 16.

Twelve meals a week per child will now be available, and they will receive three breakfast and three lunch sacks upon each visit to one of 27 locations, according to the press release.

“Making sure our students have daily nutrition has been our No. 1 priority since the school closure,” Arlington ISD Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos said in the press release. “This change helps in that cause by providing two extra meals each week for our students.”

As part of the change, all meal components will be fresh or frozen and packaged individually. There will be a suggested menu, but parents will be free to choose their desired food combination.

Drivers will be asked to open their trunks so Arlington ISD staff members can put the food directly in the vehicle.

The district is also adding distribution sites at Adams, Hills and Johns elementary schools.


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