Arlington City Council authorizes settlement for use of force lawsuit, prepares for May 1 general election

The city council chambers sit in the shade of the sun April 13, 2020, in Arlington.

Arlington City Council authorized a settlement payment for a use of force lawsuit and prepared for the upcoming general election at their Tuesday evening meeting.

The council authorized a settlement agreement in connection to a lawsuit involving alleged excessive use of force and unlawful search by the Arlington Police Department. The city paid Shellie Smith, Quinn Eaker, Timothy Bilello Jr., Robert Kinney and Inok Alrutz $235,000 in the settlement, according to a staff report.

Arlington City Council also prepared for the upcoming general election, which will be held May 1.

The council unanimously passed three resolutions involving election logistics. One resolution designated polling locations for the election and added two additional locations at Berry Elementary School and Shackelford Junior High school. The full list of polling locations can be found here.

Another resolution authorized a joint election agreement between the city and the Tarrant County Elections Administration. Arlington utilizes assistance from Tarrant County for election services such as renting voting machines, printing ballots, early voting and official canvassing, according to a staff report. The council also voted on which judges would preside over the election.

The council authorized a one-year construction contract renewal for the 2020 Street Reclamation Program. The contract’s estimated value is around $7.2 million and is funded by several city programs and funds. The contract is for street reclamation services, concrete repairs, sidewalk repairs and stormwater infrastructure repairs, according to a staff report.


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