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The plaza outside city hall in downtown sits empty April 13 in Arlington.

On the Nov. 3 ballot, Arlington voters will elect City Council representatives for Districts 1, 2, 6 and 7, which include 10 candidates.

The May 2 City Council elections were postponed to Nov. 3 due to the pandemic. Incumbents up for reelection include Helen Moise from District 1 and Victoria Farrar-Myers from District 7.

Early voting will run until Oct. 30 at seven polling locations in Arlington.

District 1

Helen Moise (Incumbent)

Helen Moise has lived in the Arlington community for 40 years and serves to maintain and improve residents’ quality of life, according to her campaign website.

To strengthen Arlington neighborhoods, Moise voted for an ordinance allowing short-term rentals within a 2-mile radius of stadiums and commercially zoned areas of the city.

According to her website, she will prioritize reducing traffic, revitalizing the economy and keeping families safe.

Jeremy “J.J.” Fenceroy

For 20 years, Jeremy “J.J.” Fenceroy served in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot, leader and a diplomat at various U.S. embassies overseas.

Fenceroy thinks the city of Arlington deserves a council member that will listen and hear the concerns of all its residents.

Regulations should focus on providing for the health, safety and welfare of the community instead of hampering local businesses, he said.

District 2

Jo Anna Cardoza

Local businesswoman Jo Anna Cardoza wants to serve as a voice for the community inside City Hall, where there is a lack of representation.

Disparities within the Arlington community revealed during the pandemic need to be addressed, Cardoza said.

Special interest groups have the loudest voice in City Council right now, and it’s time for Arlington residents to have a voice at City Hall. Cardoza said she cares about the community and understands their needs.

Raul H. Gonzalez

Raul H. Gonzalez served as the Mansfield Independent School District Board of Trustees president for two years. He said he finds solutions instead of problems.

Gonzalez’s priorities lie in keeping neighborhoods safe, maintaining the condition of Arlington’s streets and roads and keeping taxes low.

He said his experience and leadership skills would keep Arlington going in the right direction.

District 6

John Hibbs

John Hibbs said his experience in finance and accounting would allow him to find solutions for Arlington during the pandemic without cutting city services or staff.

He served in the Arlington Independent School District for nine years, where he spent time as the chairman of the finance committee and internal audit committee.

If elected, Hibbs said he would like to bring in more small businesses to revitalize neighborhoods, end generational poverty and bring in more higher-paying jobs.

Ruby Faye Woolridge

Ruby Faye Woolridge wants to bring in more employment opportunities in clean energy jobs, improve quality of life for citizens and raise their wages. She wants to ensure the city develops a good economy, builds stronger neighborhoods and keeps taxes low.

She wants to find ways to reduce traffic congestion by working with the Metroplex transportation system. She is also interested in working with UTA’s College of Engineering and College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs to create job opportunities that will hire UTA graduates.

Her priority is to be transparent with citizens and to provide greater accountability.

District 7

Antoine Lane

Antoine Lane wants to put the Black agenda at the forefront of his campaign. Black Americans have been locked out of economic development funds in the U.S. and in Arlington, Lane said.

After speaking with different council members, he said there wasn’t a Black candidate, and he wasn’t going to wait anymore. He hopes to bring culture to Arlington and help steer the city in a better direction.

He has knowledge in business, economics, history, politics and law.

Hunter Crow

Hunter Crow is an Arlington resident and a student at Tarrant County College South Campus. In 2015, he became a member of the Green Party of the United States, according to his campaign website.

His focuses concern healthcare, education, clean energy, immigration, workers’ rights, retirement, business and prison reform.

Victoria Farrar-Myers (Incumbent)

Victoria Farrar-Myers has worked on after-school and child care quality, homelessness and housing issues.

As an incumbent, Farrar-Myers said her priorities are small businesses, more job opportunities and lower taxes for the average taxpayer.

Chris “Dobi” Dobson

Chris “Dobi” Dobson said his openness to public opinion and willingness to criticize and discuss with City Council members and administrators, if necessary, to change policies sets him apart from other candidates.

Dobson’s priorities lie in ending class and racial disparities, policing, public safety and creating an official opinion poll learn about citizens’ concerns.

He said he is self-funded and can provide a forthright evaluation of city policies.

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