Carmen Webb

Carmen Webb, accounting and finance sophomore, cycles Jan. 31 at the Maverick Activities Center. The MAC offers group workout classes, such as yoga and Zumba.

Going to college, one can often find themselves just studying, but never sticking around to explore all the different things to do on campus.

In time, students may find places they like to go to relax or have fun with friends on campus. Some students shared their favorite places to go on campus and what they like to do for fun.

Nathan Willis, management and marketing freshman, said he and his friends explored campus by playing a campuswide game of hide-and-seek. Willis said although it was tough to hide because the campus was well-lit, he still found many places.

Willis said a great hiding spot was beneath the poster covering a vent between Preston and Science halls. However, when Willis and his friends aren’t playing hide-and-seek, they like to make their way over to the lounge areas in Vandergriff Hall.

“I like to hang out in the lobby,” he said. “That’s where I meet most of everybody that I know.”

For other students, their favorite place to hangout is in the University Center’s upper level.

Information systems sophomore Joey Daugherty said he likes to hang out at the UC and the UTA Bookstore. Daugherty said he usually prefers the UC, because he can sit at many places and connect with people who go there to play games like Super Smash Bros.

“We used to come up here once in a while my freshman year, but we really didn’t start coming up here until this semester,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty said about 25 people gather at the UC’s upper level to play games.

On the west side of campus, philosophy junior Brandon Johnson said before many of his friends graduated, they would often spend time at the Maverick Activities Center. His friends would play billiards there and occasionally at Campus Edge, Johnson said.

Now, Johnson said he usually spends his time working out at the MAC and meeting people there every now and then.



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