A web-based student organization portal and management system called MavOrgs was created for students to learn about and get in touch with student organizations.

“It is not just a website,” said John Hillas, student activities and organizations Assistant Director. “It is a platform that students use to intentionally make meaningful their out-of-class experience.”

With almost 300 registered student organizations on campus, new students have plenty of opportunities to obtain the full college experience.

This website has made it easier for students to navigate the different organizations they can join.

The organizations have been broken down into eight subdivisions: Academic Association, Cultural/International, Honors/Recognition Society, Professional Society, Recreation/Sports, Religious, Social Fraternity/Sorority and Special Interest.

A tremendous amount of growth and development occurs informally, outside the classroom.

No matter what students are involved with, Hillas said students will develop transferable skills that will be useful to them as a person beyond graduation.

“You’re going to learn skills that will make employers want to hire you,” he said.

Hillas said the hardest part of joining a student organization is taking that first step and attending a meeting or reaching out and obtaining more information.

“The worst thing that could happen is you decide it’s not for you and you decide to move on,” Hillas said. “The best thing that could happen is that you meet your friends who will carry you through college and beyond.”

For a full list of organizations on campus, students should visit mavorgs.collegiatelink.net.

Students can visit the Activity Fair Day, a day where many student organizations set up booths on the University Center mall to share more information with students.

The next fair is scheduled for Aug. 31.



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