School awards money to any qualified students

Calling or visiting the Office of Financial Aid is just one of several tips given to students to avoid problems with their financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid is located in room 252 of Davis Hall.

UTA provides all types of help to students to ensure they can afford a quality education.

The school gives away thousands of dollars to students who apply for financial aid every year, said Karen Krause, executive director of Financial Aid.

Many awards are given as grants, loans and scholarships, she said. All incoming students fill out the annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid and any other required supplemental documents to see if they qualify for financial help, Krause said. Students who plan to enroll in at least six undergraduate hours may be awarded financial aid.

Once a student applies, they will be considered for all the funds for which they are eligible, Krause said. The school must decide how to allocate funds given to them by federal, state and institutional sources. Students who apply later have fewer resources as allocations have already been committed, she said.

“The later you get in that application cycle, the fewer tools we have,” Krause explained.

UTA’s Financial Aid Department mostly offers need-based awards, Krause said. However, the Financial Aid Department also facilitates both general scholarships awarded at the point of admission and merit-based scholarships offered to students by individual academic departments.

The Financial Aid Department awards merit-based scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students, based on the credentials with which they are admitted by a specific date, Krause said.

All the newly enrolled students admitted by that date who met the academic credentials, were automatically awarded scholarship funding through the Financial Aid Department, Krause said. Students may renew these scholarships as long as they meet the renewal criteria.

Other financial options include participating in work-study programs or setting up a payment plan, Krause said.

Krause encourages students to always apply as early as possible, she said.


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