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The Texas gubernatorial candidate will battle incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott at the Nov. 8 midterm election. This was his third college stop of the day.

Oozeball, a long-standing university tradition, is returning to UTA on Sept. 23. In this video, nursing sophomore Michael Callahan demonstrates how participants should tape their shoes for Oozeball. Duct tape is preferred.

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The air on Saturday was thick with sunscreen, sweat and smiles in the heat at Arlington’s first-ever pride event.

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Bed Races made its return after three years to the Maverick Stadium on March 23 as 65 teams battled for team medals and Maverick pride.

"Campus composter" John Darling shares his expertise on local composting efforts at the University of Texas at Arlington. Darling spends his days moving throughout the campus collecting food scraps and coffee grounds to build compost piles on…

Connie Smith, Connie's Louisiana Kitchen owner, makes jambalaya in her food truck for The Shorthorn's From Scratch series.