Wine and Yoga is an upcoming craze in the yoga world. Classes are offered at Envie Fitness, which is a female-only studio.

For many, yoga is a chance to wine down.

There is a new yoga craze to add to the list of power yoga, hot yoga, aerial yoga and yoga fusion — it’s called wine and yoga.

“Women like their wine and like their yoga, so why not combine the two?” said Carla Henslee, yoga instructor at EnVie Fitness.

Theatre junior Sam Jimenez said she would practice yoga at the Maverick Activities Center with friends every Wednesday and it was a relaxing break from school.

“Wine and yoga would definitely be interesting, but I’m not sure how well it’d really mix,” Jimenez said.

Despite the popularity of both wine and yoga, many would agree that it is an unlikely pair.

However, Henslee explains that the wine is not drank while practicing yoga. The yoga class is conducted as normal; however, instead of leaving after “Savasana” — the final relaxation pose at the end of most yoga classes — students are encouraged to stay, open bottles of wine and mingle.

The combo of wine and yoga has been popping up all over the country. Some classes are even held at vineyards. Henslee said the trend began at her studio in Mansfield because of a shirt a student wore to class that said ‘Wine and Yoga.’ They have been doing the event ever since, she said.

Henslee said that there are health benefits to drinking red wine, and, like yoga, it is great for relaxation, but she said the best benefits are the social ones.

“Wine and yoga is about community,” Henslee said. “At the studio, you see women from all walks of life, different ages, different backgrounds, races, religions, ethnicities, and just create this little community within themselves.”

Henslee said the addition of wine is a social tool that allows students at the studio put down certain walls and connect with one another.

Although many wine and yoga classes are open to both women and men, EnVie Fitness is a female-only studio. Henslee said this enables women to have necessary “girl time” and women who may wear a hijab are able to practice yoga freely.

Nursing junior Kacie Kim said she practices yoga to keep her breathing under control and align her chakras — the centers of spiritual power in the human body. She said she likes the social aspects of both yoga and wine.

“If I added wine into the mix, I could only imagine being more relaxed,” Kim said.

At EnVie Fitness you do not have to be 21 to enjoy this event. Infused waters will be provided for those who are younger than 21 or do not drink but are searching for some girl time.

Wine and yoga will be held Friday at EnVie Fitness in Mansfield.



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