What to wear: A guide to expressing yourself this school year through clothing and fashion

With the fall semester starting, students shared where they draw their fashion inspiration from and how they stay comfortable while on campus.

Music studies sophomore Rafael Escalera said jazz musicians have a culture of wearing simple clothing. His ideal outfit to wear at school during hot weather is a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and maroon Nikes. During cold weather, he would wear jeans and add a sweater or jacket.

Escalera said he’s still trying to figure out how to feel comfortable in what he’s wearing, and he admires people who dress according to how they feel and not a certain style.

Psychology junior Abby Rodriguez Guzman said to make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, regardless of what other people think.

Rodriguez Guzman said her favorite school outfit is overall shorts with a crop top and Vans.

“People are going toward cami crop tops for girls. Men are going for the basic black, white tees,” she said. “[People going toward more classic clothing since people are starting to be more sustainable.”

Shopping at thrift stores can also help students save money, gives clothes a second chance at life and keeps landfills clear, she said. People don’t realize clothing can be reused in many different ways. If she shops from fast fashion brand stores like Target and H&M, she makes sure she will wear the piece often.

Nursing junior Carolina Tripp said her fashion influencers are actress Lily Collins and TikTok user Sterling Monett. Collins wears plain and simple earth-toned colors, while Monett’s style is more trendy and is something seen on the runway, Tripp said.

“I’m somewhere in between those, and I can find a happy middle,” she said.

Students are also inspired by television shows. Criminal justice junior Ethan Brinkman said his outfits are inspired by the color palettes of anime characters.

“If it’s just colors that can fit in outside of the context of anime, it’s a lot more reasonable to integrate it into an outfit,” Brinkman said.

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