By design, the Flight 12 Improv troupe does not know what to expect at their shows — but some moments at Friday’s show were especially unexpected.

The Flight 12 Improv Comedy show is performed by a troupe of UTA students and is directed by associate professor Joe Chapa. Friday night, the troupe performed its first show of the semester and its second one Saturday. The show consists of two acts: Act I, which includes short form improv performances, and Act II, which consists of long form improv performances.

Although theater senior Shelby Plummer joked and said she was most surprised people “actually laughed,” her and other members of the troupe recounted their favorite and most unexpected moments of Friday’s show.

1. Success at the Mainstage Theatre

“We didn’t know what to expect because it's the first time we're on the Mainstage,” Plummer said. “It was really surprising that we were actually able to put something together that was bigger and with just us.”

The Flight 12 Improv troupe took the Mainstage for the first time on Friday night. In the past, the troupe would do its  shows at the smaller studio theatre.  Because of the 2016 and 2017 shows selling out, the Department of Theatre Arts decided to move the troupe to the Mainstage Theatre.

“I did not expect to have such an intimate show in a larger space,” musical theatre senior Austin Bender said.  

He said it’ll prepare the members for big venues they’ll hopefully perform at in the future.

2. Earth winning at the planet beauty pageant

During Act II, the troupe performed a long-form game where an audience member gives a troupe member a topic to rant about. Later, the whole troupe must perform scenes to depict the rant. One of these scenes was a planet beauty pageant. 

Theater senior Forrest Swanson , who played Earth, joked that he was covered with 75 percent water and very little else. The joke was the earth won because it was hot, he said.

“I would say it was the weirdest one.” Swanson said. ”The premise is very strange and unusual.”

3. Flight 12 pulling off some of Maverick Dance Company’s moves

Another first for the Flight 12 Comedy show was its collaboration with the Maverick Dance Company . The Maverick Dance Company, also part of the Theatre Department, showcased their improv skills as well.

“[The dancers] will create an improvised dance right on the spot,” Chapa said, as he introduced the scene. “After they finish, we’re going to have two of our actors recreate that dance, but make it an acting scene.”

Gage Anderson , Maverick Dance Company member , performed a short, improvised dance duet complete with partner work and shoulder rolls. The theater performance sophomore was anxious to see how the troupe members would mimic a move where Anderson slid under his partner's legs.

“I could not stop laughing,” he said.

4. A troupe member being a possible Jesus doppelgänger

Plummer was in a scene where she was talking to God, whom film junior Andrew Widmer took the liberty of playing. When Widmer surprised Plummer with his appearance, she said “Jesus Christ!”

Theater junior Zakk Shortes came out and said “Yes?”

“I loved when Zakk came out as Jesus," she said. 

5. A troop member as a handkerchief about to wipe a baby’s butt

Bender will graduate this semester and this weekend’s performances were his last shows after two years being part of the troupe. His favorite scene he preformed Friday night was when he got to be a “sexy handkerchief,” he said.

“The scene was a day of a life,” he said. “"We we were given this audience member, who described her very monotonous day of wiping her kid and going back to sleep. So really, it was just a regular scene of someone wiping a kids butt, but there was someone playing a handkerchief which was me.”


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