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The Shorthorn Life & Entertainment desk predicts the 2022 Academy Award winners

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The 94th Academy Awards, known as the Oscars, will take place March 27 to honor outstanding artistic and scientific achievements in films from 2021. 

Voting on Oscars categories is restricted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voting members. The process began March 17 and was completed March 22. 

Best Picture, which is considered the most prestigious award as it honors the best motion picture of the year, has 10 nominees this year. 

While 22 out of 23 Oscar categories are decided based on a winner-take-all system, where the nominees earning the most votes prevail, the Best Picture winner is decided through a preferential ballot. 

Using a system called “ranked-choice voting,” members rank the films from their most to least favorite. 

If a film initially receives 50% of the No. 1 vote, it automatically wins. 

If not, the film that has the least number of No. 1 votes is eliminated, and those votes will be counted for the second choice. The process repeats until one film reaches 50% of the votes. 

This year, the Oscars introduced two new categories: Oscars Fan Favorite and Oscars Cheer Moment, which allow fans to vote for the winners. 

Here are The Shorthorn’s picks for some of the Academy Award categories.

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