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Visual communications junior Megan Leeds runs, hosts and edits videos for the YouTube channel "Megan Plays" from her bedroom. Leeds has published a little more than 52 videos and recently reached 12,000 subscribers on her channel.

Megan Leeds is not only a member of Zeta Tau Alpha but also an avid gamer with her own YouTube channel titled “Megan Plays.”

The visual communications junior’s passion for gaming started when she was about 3 years old, when her father first introduced her to the world of video games, Leeds said.

“He would play video games, and I would watch him, and I always thought it was really cool,” Leeds said. “So I just watched him a lot and eventually he got me a GameCube and we just started from there.”

The channel began to get recognition when Leeds was invited to attend a gaming convention called TheGameCon in Galveston as a VIP member, she said. During the convention, she was able to network with popular members of the gaming community such as Zach Letter known as AviatorGaming on YouTube, which then helped her expand her own YouTube channel.

“It’s always really cool to have people that care about what you’re doing and what you’re passionate about,” Leeds said.

Leeds found herself voice acting for YouTubers like AviatorGaming and gaining more and more subscribers every day, she said.

Megan Leeds’ mother, Allison Leeds said she is proud of her daughter’s independence.

“It makes me proud because this is really something that she has done all on her own,” Allison Leeds said. “She’s a lot savvier to how things go than I would think somebody would be. She thinks things through and aligns herself with successful people and it all kind of stems from there.”

Megan Leeds’ personality and social networking skills were what really allowed her to brand herself and expand her viewership, said Victoria Harkrider, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority sister and friend.

“Her main advantage in the industry is that she is so friendly,” the web development and advertising senior said. “In that industry, a lot of it has to do with her self-promoting. She has befriended people in the industry and that’s helped her promote her channel as well.”

Some games that Megan Leeds plays are Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard Entertainment, The Sims by Electronic Arts and Minecraft by Mojang, she said.

Megan Leeds’ enthusiasm toward her gaming experience and her amiable demeanor both play a big role in the expansion of her channel, Harkrider said.

“You can see how passionate she is and she does put a lot of hard work and dedication to it, but she also enjoys it,” Harkrider said. “It’s very rewarding and a lot of people appreciate what she does.”


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