Students can purchase tickets at for a ride toward the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. 

There are many shows that capture the Renaissance period, but, for some, watching it just isn’t enough. This year, Mavs on the Town will take students on to experience the glory of Scarborough Renaissance Festival on Saturday.

Student development specialist Liz Moak said Mavs on the Town wanted to end the year with a bang by going to the festival. Moak said the festival is a big event that occurs every year, and she wanted to give students a chance to experience it.

Since the festival is in Waxahachie, Moak said Mavs on the Town would provide transportation and discounted tickets for those who aren’t able to drive there. Once students arrive at the festival, they’re free to wander about and enjoy the festivities, Moak said.

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival provides interactive fun set in the 16th century, with 24 different stages, three full-combat jousts and other activities, said Helaine Thompson, festival communications director. In addition, there are over 200 shops where artisans make their crafts and the largest food-on-a-stick selection in Texas, Thompson said.

Thompson said some attendees show up in costume to get the full Renaissance experience, but they don’t have to. She said if students want to dress up, a costume rental shop is on the festival grounds.

“Once you walk through the gate, it’s like you’re stepping into 16th century England,” Thompson said.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival guide

Festival grounds cover 35 acres, Thompson said, so there is a lot to explore.

History sophomore Alexandra Sanchez said in an email that she has attended the fair at least 10 times since she was 9 years old. In her years of experience, Sanchez said her favorite thing was that it makes her feel like she's stepped back into the era of King Henry VIII.

Sanchez said some of her favorite comedy performers at the festival were Cast in Bronze and Don Juan and Miguel. She said she loved that Don Juan and Miguel combined stage swordsmanship and hilarious innuendos to create a unique experience that can only be found at a festival like this one.

Thompson said Don Juan and Miguel was a must-see show. The group has performed at the festival for over 30 years now, Thompson said.

Thompson also said other acts to check out include Cale the Juggler, a Rat Circus and many more. She said there is even a human chess match that takes place at the festival.

Moak said this is the first time she will be attending the festival and is looking forward to the tournament-type games and jousting. In her college career, she said, she studied medieval English literature, and this festival is right in the wheel house of everything she loves.

As for food to try, there is a wide variety for everyone, Thompson said. At the festival, attendees can find anything on a stick, such as key lime pie, she said.

Other foods students can try are the turkey legs, sweets at bakeries and fresh fruit and vegetarian options, Thompson said.

Sanchez said one particular place to check out is a store called Lady MacArthur’s Fiery Fare, where they sell salsas, jams and relishes. Another is the Royal and Crown kitchens, where they sell different foods, she said.

As for dressing up, Sanchez said to wear whatever is comfortable, since attendees will spend most of the day outside. The costume rental shop is called Suit Your Fancie, where students can rent costumes for the day, she said.

Thompson said she would advise students bring cash, as most of the places and vendors inside the festival only accept cash.

“If you’re going with a group, its great, because there is a little something for everyone,” Thompson said.


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