For the next week, the weather is predicted to have highs of 70 and 80 degrees. Elementary school students enjoy the weather with recess outings, but college age enjoy their weather a bit differently. 

Students are using the spring-like weather to their advantage by studying outdoors, exercising, unleashing creativity, socializing and seeking leisure.

B.Y.O.H., Bring your own hammock

Undeclared freshman Mary Engstrom and business sophomore Amber Bader set up their hammocks outside on the University Center mall. Bader said she keeps the hammock in her backpack.

“It’s nice to relax in between classes and take a break and hang out with friends,” Bader said.

Engstrom said that the hammocks are a great way to socialize with friends. She said for her, the best conversations happen outside.

Dance and Exercise

Physics junior Dalton Sessumes repeatedly tossed a flow wand up in the air and around his body in the Architecture courtyard, as his friend showed up with a hoola-hoop. A flow wand is a prop used in Flow Art Dance.

According to a previous Shorthorn article, flow art is the exploration of movement that incorporates music, lights and fire, along with prop manipulation, such as levitation wands, gloves and staffs. 

Sessumes said practicing in cold weather is difficult and that it was a great day to practice flow art dance. He said flow art is great for increasing body awareness and can be as easy as picking up a hoola-hoop. 

Political science junior Ailey Ore  said she uses the nice weather as a chance to walk around campus for exercise. She said on sunny days, she’d like to ride a bike around campus.


Ore said she enjoys doing her spanish homework outside and her favorite space to do so is in the Architecture courtyard.

“I focus the best when I’m outside,” social work junior Angelica Sandoval said. 

Sandoval said her favorite space to study outside is the picnic bench area outside the Central Library. 

Read, relax or do nothing

Sandoval said when she is not studying outside, she just likes to relax and take a breather before class.

Ore said she likes to listen to music and lay down in the Architecture courtyard.

Engstrom said she just enjoys the act of being outside. She said she often reads her Bible outside and that it is a spiritual experience. 

“Sometime’s just sitting in the sun is nice,” Ore said.


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