Some may argue that the Metroplex is patio weather friendly year-round, but the springtime often reminds patrons that sitting outdoors is an option.

Joe T. Garcia’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant, is a staple Fort Worth establishment known for its great outdoor eating area.

Jody Lancarte, director of special events and catering at Joe T. Garcia’s, said the outdoor seating area is popular because it combines the feeling of being away on a trip with the comfort of being home with your family. Joe T. Garcia’s started with only 16 seats on the patio, but it has grown immensely.

“Joe T.’s has been around since 1935, so families have been coming here for generations and generations. In that regard, it feels like home,” Lancarte said. “But it also seats as many as 700 people, and we have high fencing around our patio. It feels like you’re on vacation. We have trees and flowers and water features.”

Public administration graduate student Rabia Suleiman said Mexican food restaurants have the best patios and atmosphere when it gets warm outside.

“I like doing anything outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, eating,” Suleiman said. “My family and I eat outside whenever we get the chance to. There are a lot of us, so there’s more space. Plus, it’s a nice change in scenery.”

Chadra Mezza and Grill is a Mediterranean restaurant in Fort Worth owned by husband and wife Nehme and Christina Elbitar. Their patio is nestled away in the back for a feeling of privacy and comes equipped with a stage, Christina said.

“Chadra is very down-home,” Christina said. “People walk and bike here. We are in the middle of four little neighborhoods here, so everyone knows each other. It has a bit of an urban feel to it because you can hear the train from the patio.”

Chadra Mezza’s outdoor eating area is popular for parties because the food and atmosphere serve a lot of different tastes.

Public relations junior Vick Cottonham likes sitting outside at restaurants when the weather is nice because the scenery is comfortable and warm.

“Sometimes when I’m sitting outside at restaurants, it helps me de-stress,” Cottonham said. “It’s away from all of the commotion on the inside of the restaurant. You can’t see the kitchen, and it’s a bit more relaxed.”

Take advantage of the weather and enjoy the luxury of being outdoors and having a great meal.


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