Review: Lady Gaga’s Chromatica-themed Oreos match her music, aesthetic
Review: Lady Gaga’s Chromatica-themed Oreos match her music, aesthetic

Lady Gaga’s Oreo collaboration released Jan. 28 alongside a virtual scavenger hunt for eager fans to try and win an early, autographed pack.

Although I didn’t participate in the event myself, the cookies are now in stores for all to enjoy. But finding them in person was a scavenger hunt all on its own. 

With a little patience and a lot of gas in the tank, you might find one lone pack on the shelf, shining hot pink in a sea of Oreo blue. 

The packaging is a tribute to Gaga’s sixth studio album Chromatica, released in May 2020. The site promoting the album is a mature pink and green, duller than the cookies but still Gaga-esque.

I’m not much of a fan of pink, but for Gaga, it works. The neon pink foil and all-caps “LADY GAGA” matches both her persona and the album, playing off the dance music vibes from mega-hits like “Rain on Me,” featuring Ariana Grande.

Once you tear your eyes away from the blinding color, you’ll notice the “window” in the center with a faux rip on the top that gives a sneak peak of the cookie.

And the cookies’ looks do not disappoint. The reason many gave this release a second glance was the over-the-top coloring most of us have never seen from Oreo in the past. 

The cookies themselves aren’t quite as bright as the packaging, but they’re leaps and bounds ahead of the classic black and white ones.

On one side of the cookie is the standard Oreo print, but on the other is a Gaga-themed design inspired by Chromatica. There are three patterns: a heart motif, the word “CHROMATICA”, and Gaga’s silhouette, combined with the circular logo for this era of music.

I found the green creme sweeter than the original, something I wasn’t expecting, but the pink cookie tasted like the typical golden Oreos.

Still, the cookie is tasty, sweet and a fun treat to add to your shopping list, even if you’re not a die-hard fan. 

The cookies might be her most recent venture, but Gaga has been expanding her brand for years to encompass more than just music and fashion.

Gaga won an Oscar in 2018 for Best Original Song in “A Star Is Born” and released a makeup line, Haus Laboratories, in 2019.

Although I wasn’t surprised to see her transition her fame and brand to other areas, the range is impressive, and the good she does with it is notable.

So although I’m not the most devoted or outspoken fan, my thoughts are that the Gaga Oreos are fitting to the album and a treat anyone can enjoy.


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