Review: Justin Bieber’s album Justice was exactly what I needed in my life right now

Justin Bieber’s new album Justice, released last Friday, was exactly what I needed in my life right now.

Bieber previously discussed how the title of the album referred to the amount of injustice in the world, a theme highly relevant to the times we’re living in.

“2 Much” begins the 16-track album, which showcases Bieber’s growth with himself, his romantic partner and God over the years.

The song starts off with an introduction to Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” quote, and later in track 7 we see the “MLK Interlude.”

Although the concept is there, it doesn’t convey the message that Bieber is attempting to communicate. The only two parts of the album that mention the word “justice” are in MLK’s samples.

The message isn’t there because the album focuses more on Bieber’s relationship with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

In the songs “2 Much,” “Anyone,” “Love You Different” and “Die For You,” Bieber focuses on his love for Hailey.

There’s nothing I won’t give

Don’t like making promises

Just remember this

I will love you different

“Love You Different (feat. Beam)” by Justin Bieber

In the songs “As I Am,” “Unstable” and “Lonely,” Bieber focuses on himself and his journey with mental health and his support system, which seems to be referencing Hailey.

This past year, I’ve personally been focused on learning how to love myself for me, so those songs really resonated with me.

Take me, with the good and the ugly

Say, “I’m not going anywhere”

Take me as I am, swear I’ll do the best I can

“As I Am (feat. Khalid)” by Justin Bieber

I’ve been on a journey to find myself and start being OK with who I am. His song “As I Am” reminds me that I am me, and that’s OK. I am me, and I’m not giving up on myself.

“Lonely” focuses more on Bieber’s fame and journey in front of the world.

What if you had it all

But nobody to call?

Maybe then, you’d know me

“Lonely” by Justin Bieber & benny blanco

Even though we don’t all experience fame, many of us live on social media and it sometimes gives people an idea of who we are.

For myself, it does feel like many people know me because of how open I am on social media and how frequently I post, but sometimes it does get lonely. We have all experienced loneliness in some aspect of our lives, and this song really made it feel like I wasn’t alone.

His album also resonated with me because of how it shows the growth in his relationship with God. As someone who identifies as Catholic, I’ve always struggled with my belief in God. It’s an everyday discussion to understand religion.

Justin has grown in his faith over the years, as seen in the song “Holy,” a collaboration with Chance the Rapper. Despite my constant challenges in my faith, Chance the Rapper’s verse always resonates with me:

I know I ain’t leaving you

like I know He ain’t leaving us

I know we believe in God

and I know God believe in us

“Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper)” by Justin Bieber

My favorite song, “Unstable,” discusses Justin’s relationship with anxiety and how someone in his life loved him even when he was unstable. For me, that person was myself. I’ve learned that no one will have my back like myself.

Yeah you love, yeah you love, you loved me

When I was unstable

Never judge, never judge, never judged me

When I was unable

To love myself, to trust myself

“Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)” by Justin Bieber

Overall, in the last year I have had honest conversations with myself about myself, God and my relationships with others. This album really helped remind me that I am doing OK and that I’m on the right path to finding myself and healing.


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