Ransacked: Nursing freshman

Nursing intended freshman Jayvon Hicks keeps items such as deodorant, a nursing textbook and laptop in his backpack. Seeing what items are in students backpacks gives some insight as to what their major might be.

Nursing intended freshman Jayvon Hicks has a backpack full of essentials and always feels prepared for the day. He carries everything from books to extra deodorant.

 Deodorant and lotion

“There’s been multiple times when you’ve ran out of the house and you haven’t really freshened up or you had a rough day before, went straight to bed and then overslept,” Hicks said. “These are just to freshen up a little bit, so we’re not killing everybody around me at school.”


“I have a tendency to spill stuff on myself, so I have to keep this with me,” Hicks said. “I have friends who are like ‘I just spilled this on me,’ and I always have the pen ready to go for them. It comes in handy.”


Hicks doesn’t like the smelly combination that heat and grass make, so he carries around a bottle of Gain Febreeze to combat those hot and sticky days.

“I actually got this for the summer, because when you go outside and you’re there for a while, when you come back inside you still smell like outside,” Hicks said.

 Wet Ones

“These are used to clean up messes or my hands when I eat something,” Hicks said. “I don’t want sticky fingers when I’m working, and sometimes I’m nowhere near a restroom, so these are just easy to carry around.”

 Mason Jar

A friend of Hicks made him a jar after a brotherhood event for his fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, and he uses it as an alternative water bottle on a day-to-day basis.

“I usually had a water bottle and would re-use, but now this is my water bottle,” Hicks said. “It’s not big enough, but it still does enough. I can fit a full water bottle inside that cup. It’s easy and it represents my letters.”

 Nursing book

“I’m pretty excited. I’m close to applying for nursing school in the fall, so by the end of next semester we’ll see what happens. It’s going good so far,” Hicks said.


Hicks said his laptop has absolutely everything on it. From homework to projects, he has his laptop on him at all times.

“My friend, Malik Heard, is on “The Voice,” and I run his social media. He’s always sending me stuff about what to post,” Hicks said. “I run his Instagram, his Facebook, his Twitter, so I’m always on my laptop doing that stuff for him.”


Hicks likes using notebooks for studying and note taking because they are better than staring at a screen. Staring at a screen has a negative effect on his studying efforts because he can easily forget what he just looked at.

“It’s always good, I say, to have the hard copy and the online copy. The hard copy is good because you learn it a little bit better by writing things down,” Hicks said. “It’s going through your mind and out through your hand.”

 White-and-gold planner

“You see how damaged that is? It knows everything. It knows what I need to be doing and everywhere I need to be,” Hicks said.



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