Accounting senior Courtney Whitten said it’s important to donate money and time to breast cancer organizations, but it may be easier to see where the money goes with locally-grown organizations.

“Smaller ones need to be seen too,” Whitten said.

Many may think of the Susan G. Komen foundation during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but here are a few programs and organizations that make an direct impact in the Metroplex.

Breast Cancer Can Stick It! foundation

April Samuels, breast cancer survivor and drummer, founded Breast Cancer Can Stick It! in 2010. The organization holds fundraising events year-round that benefit programs like Texas Oncology Baylor, Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center and others that focus on research and trials, Samuels said. This year the organization is having a Drummathon on Oct. 25 in Fairview, she said. Participants can compete and raise funds in-person or support online. For opportunities to volunteer outside of the Drummathon, Samuels said students can send an email to

The Bridge Breast Network

The Bridge Breast Network provides early detection, education and treatment to underinsured or uninsured women, said Terry Wilson-Gray, The Bridge Breast Network executive director. Students looking to help can fundraise in their communities, send monetary contributions via PayPal or donate items to the network, Wilson-Gray said. She said she suggests donating snacks, bottled water or throws for clients who are undergoing chemotherapy. The network has several volunteer committees, and Wilson-Gray said students can get more information by emailing to

Sisters Network Dallas

Sisters Network Dallas is the local affiliate chapter of the national Sisters Network, Inc. The organization is comprised of African-American breast cancer survivors, but they believe in supporting all women, said Marsha Mingilton, Sisters Network Dallas president. The organization provides education for early detection and support to those with breast cancer, she said. Mingilton said students looking to help Sisters Network Dallas can go online at to donate or to inquire about helping provide breast health information at health fairs across the Metroplex.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is headquartered in Frisco, but provides breast health education, a patient navigator program and an early detection plan across 50 states. Their mission is to help women now, said Rebecca Anderson, National Breast Cancer Foundation marketing manager. Eighty percent of the revenues are focused on programs that immediately impact people, she said. The foundation also provides free mammograms to underserved women . Currently the foundation has a campus ambassador program at the University of North Texas, but interested UTA students can still be involved by emailing or


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