West Donations

International business senior Vy Dang, in front, and mechanical engineer senior Nguyen Tran serve students hotdogs to raise funds for those affected by the city of West, Texas, explosion on Wednesday. The pair said students were eager to help their cause.

Monday, Golden Key International Honor Society members raised money for the people affected by the West, Texas explosion by selling hotdogs, chips and drinks.

Mechanical engineering senior Nguyen Tran said some students who knew about the explosion didn’t know how to help.

“We wanted to give students a chance to give back," Tran said.

Some students who donated to the cause didn't accept the food in exchange for their donation.

“We had a student donate $10 and refused to take a bottle of water,” international business senior Vy Dang said.

Dang said they had more students come to their table today than when they raise money for their organization.

“People like the idea we are standing up for the victims,” Tran said.

The honor society provides help searching for a job after college and services and leadership opportunities for students who qualify to be a part of the society through scholarships.

One student who showed her support today is business marketing sophomore Caitlynn Graham.

“It is good to see people our age contributing,” said Graham.

Graham said she is happy to see groups on campus raising money for the people in West.

At press time, the amount raised was unavailable.



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