Fashion shows often are critiqued for their cutthroat competition and their representation of a single body type, but the Fashion Concept fashion show’s goal is unity and diversity among local designers, models and artists, event coordinator Sameerah Mahdee said.

The Fashion Concept will be held at from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Saturday at Fair Park in Dallas. The fashion show is an 18-and-older event that will showcase six designers and more than 30 models. The event also will feature poets, music and live artists — artists who create work on the spot.

Mahdee said the designers’ styles includes African, denim and urban, Mahdee said.

“Our No. 1 thing is that we wanted each designer to handcraft their designs,” Mahdee said. “We didn’t want any boutiques or anybody who ordered their stuff online. The goal was to showcase people who did their stuff by hand.”

Yikstyles owner Sharon Yik will be a featured designers. Her style features re-worked vintage, urban-chic, ready-to-wear and cocktail styles. Yik gets her inspiration from other people’s energy, and she said the best way to describe people’s energy is color.

Yik doesn’t make clothes for one type of person or body type.

“It’s for very fun, open-minded men and women that are looking for ways to empower themselves through fashion,” Yik said.

The art scene in Dallas often is unrecognized, Mahdee said.

“We want to make sure that we bring together different artists that are doing the same thing so that they can network as well as showcase their designs,” Mahdee said.

Artists include more than just the fashion designers. Live artists, like oil painter and sketch artists, will paint on the spot and create works that will be ready for sale. The sketch artist will draw “vogue-like” fashion sketches, similar to sketches a designer would draw before making a garment, of attendees.

The music will be just as eclectic as the designers. A mix of old-school hip-hop and African music will be played, Mahdee said.

Mahdee recommends to leave your yoga pants at home and opt for cocktail attire.


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