Cranberry Citrus Smoothie

This cleansing smoothie features fresh cranberries, clementines and no added sugar. 

Feeling stuffed after Thanksgiving? With proper diet and exercise, students can get their health back on track and jump start New Year’s health resolutions. Here are a few suggestions for getting back on track with health after indulging on holiday foods.

Get active: Students can get back in shape by visiting the Maverick Activities Center, where a variety of fitness routines are available to choose from. Regular physical activity can help with weight loss, relieve stress and boost energy levels. Don’t have time for a hard-core workout? Even 20 minutes of walking a day have profound health benefits.

Strike a yoga pose: While yoga seems like a low-intensity activity, it can be a great workout with detox benefits. Try these detox yoga poses to help facilitate digestion and blood circulation. Yoga also helps with stress relief, so students might want to incorporate yoga breaks in their upcoming study sessions. The MAC has yoga classes several times a week.

Start the day with whole grains: Whole grain foods like oatmeal and whole grain toast contain a lot of fiber, which has health benefits, such as cleansing the colon, lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar levels and making bowel movements easier.

Hydrate with water: Switch out soda and sugary drinks for good old-fashioned water. Water combats constipation and bloating. Students can boost their metabolism and brain power by keeping themselves properly hydrated.

Make healthy choices: Students should re-examine their diets, try to stay away from fast food and choose as many whole foods as possible. If students need help, they can contact the dietitian on campus. Wellness Reboot, a wellness program based in Austin, is offering a holiday special to help those who are interested in rebooting their system by trying a one week vegan diet. Individual wellness programs also are available through the UT System.

Disclaimer: The Shorthorn is not an expert source of nutrition advice. These are just suggestions. Students who wish to make significant changes to their diet should do personal research and consult a professional.


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