It can be hard to find a relaxed atmosphere among the crowded bars and clubs across the metropolis. For Barcadia Bar & Grill regulars, it is the perfect backdrop for an intimate, relaxed night with friends or a first date.

Inside a few pool tables fill the open layout of the bar and a variety of arcade games fill the wall, including old school classics such as Pac-Man and Galactica.

Behind the bar, more than 112 beer varieties and a wide selection of food is available.

What customers seemed to like most is the patio, which some say provides a comfortable, airy feel.

Kymberlee Resmond, an exercise sport major at Texas Tech said she loves the patio and that the concept of the bar reminds her of a drinking game.

“There’s not really anything like this in Fort Worth,” said bartender Danielle Protle.

If companionship is what customers are looking for, Fort Worth resident Richard Guice suggests coming on a Saturday, rather than a weekday.

“[Thursday] is not a good night here,” he said about the bars current lack of customers claiming that it was pretty packed Saturday night.


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