[SoundByte] Tegan and Sara’s latest album ‘Get Along’ gives a live, acoustic look at the sisters’ history


Tegan and Sara’s latest album Get Along doesn’t feature any new content. The live album is look back at the last 12 years of the sisters’ musical journey. It’s an album for the biggest Tegan and Sara fans, and for those fans, it’s a good album.

Set in a small venue in Vancouver, the indie-folk duo played their classic tunes from each of their albums ranging from their 1999 debut album Under Feet Like Ours to 2009’s Sainthood.

What makes this album special is the feeling of a grand connection with Tegan and Sara and their fans. Even though it’s a live album, there isn’t the roaring applause like one might expect from a mega show-stopping concert. It’s quiet. The only sign that this album is live is light applause at the end of each track.

Tegan and Sara are on top of their game in Get Along. Their iconic harmonizing is spot on, especially for a live album. It’s studio-recording worthy. The haunting “Back in Your Head” is a show-stopper. The simple piano chords that resonate through the song seem more striking in this live acoustic version than the original version on The Con.

Most songs on this album work in the live acoustic format. And then some do not. “I Won’t Be Left” isn’t as climatic as the studio version and is one of the last songs on the album. The sisters almost seemed tired, especially compared with the second track, “I Know, I Know, I Know.” The sisters really bring their game with this song. The live version is right up to par with the studio version.

Album: Get Along

Artist: Tegan and Sara

Genre: Indie-folk

Release Date: Nov. 15



The song choices on the album are a bit off. Tegan and Sara left off a lot of their popular hits. “Walking with the Ghost,” “So Jealous” and “The Con” should have made the cut for this album.

For the super-fans, the deluxe version includes a DVD with three films giving fans a glimpse into the making of the album and the live concert where the band recorded.

This album is a win for the biggest Tegan and Sara fans. It’s not for new fans, but it doesn’t seem like this was to gain new fans. Instead, it’s about the fans that have accompanied Tegan and Sara since 1999. Tegan and Sara are reflecting on their journey with them in Get Along.


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