30 things The Shorthorn is thankful for in 2020

Most people can collectively agree that 2020 has been less than ideal. But with Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to focus on the good things that still happened this year.

Here are 30 things The Shorthorn staff is thankful for.

1. We made it this far.

With everything going on, life can get overwhelming. Students can collectively give themselves a bit of credit for tackling everything that’s been thrown at them this semester.

2. Our sources

Our reporting wouldn’t be possible without the people quoted in them. We’re thankful for those who are willing to share their stories with The Shorthorn, especially with regard to how COVID-19 has affected their daily personal lives.

3. The efforts UTA and the City of Arlington took to address a lack of diversity and inclusivity

The university has created a number of diversity and inclusivity initiatives that are finally beginning to take form on campus. Arlington City Council approved the creation of a Unity Council focused on increasing citywide equality through community input and examining equity strategies. While there is still much more work to be done, these are positive steps in the right direction.

4. Kind and understanding professors

It’s safe to say many of us started off the semester in a state of semi-confusion or uncertainty, and some professors have been forgiving and flexible, understanding the conditions we’re living in. It’s been hard to balance a college education and life in a pandemic, but understanding professors make it all a bit easier.

5. Everyone who continues to wear a mask

Wearing a mask isn’t a conspiracy; it’s a courtesy. So thank you to everyone who continues to wear them properly without complaining.

6. Contact lenses

Breathing under face masks can be difficult for those with fog-prone glasses. Luckily, contacts solve that problem.

7. Class in bed

Yes, learning from home might not be the best option, but it does give us the opportunity to attend class from bed if we want, and that counts for something.

8. TikTok

Hours of entertainment at 2 a.m.

9. Mutuals on social media

You know, the ones who just post funny memes and hot takes that have nothing to do with the news or school. It helps us relax.

10. Fall weather

Even though we continue to face a roller coaster of weather fluctuations, at least it isn’t 100 degrees every day now. Summer is finally over.

11. Fuzzy socks

First of all, who doesn’t like fuzzy socks? Now that it’s finally getting a bit cooler (for the time-being) it’s the perfect time to break out your warm weather socks.

12. Tall cans of Dr Pepper

Sixteen fluid ounces of pure enjoyment. Reliable during late work nights and endless Zoom calls.

13. Animal Crossing

It seems so long ago now, but Animal Crossing debuted in March, and since then, it has provided an outlet for many students, including some on staff at The Shorthorn. It allows people to feel connected to a community even amid the pandemic.

14. Books

Physical ones — not ebooks. 2020’s been crazy, but books allow readers to escape to a different reality.

15. Hamilton

The Broadway musical became available for streaming on Disney+ in July, and since then, some of us have re-watched the show multiple times. Or listened to the soundtrack on repeat.

16. Positions

Ariana Grande blessed her fans with a new album last month, delivering a sassy, sexy, playful array of R&B-influenced songs. We hope to see more of Ari’s new music style in the future.

17. A break from school

It’s been a long, tiring semester, so this brief respite is wholly welcome.

18. Thanksgiving food

Enough said.

19. A remote working opportunity

The Shorthorn has operated primarily remotely since March when the university shut down. This allowed more than 30 staffers across Student Publications departments to continue working from home.

20. Megan Thee Stallion

This year, Megan has produced several certified hits like “Savage,” “WAP” and “B.I.T.C.H.” At the same time, she advocated for Black women voices and spotlighted the struggles they uniquely face.

21. Sarah Paulson

She’s like King Midas from Greek mythology. She turns each of her roles into pure gold.

22. Spirit horses

Although UTA’s campus lacks a diverse display of art projects, the spirit horses allow those who traverse the campus to look at something artistic. Plus they’re a unique symbol of UTA.

23. Kehlani

That’s the tweet.

24. Free water on campus

Thanks to resolutions from Student Government, the university now provides free water to students.

25. Two major sports teams in Arlington

They help give our sports reporters events to cover and experience at major league games and contribute to a thriving city.

26. Waffle House

Can’t go wrong.

27. The opportunity to continue education

Even though we don’t like online learning, at least we’ve been able to continue our education amid a global pandemic and uncertain economy.

28. House plants

Since the pandemic, many people have found comfort in plant parenting and the color their children bring to a home. Some of us may have ended up with more than 20 plants in the house.

29. Naps

Sometimes we nap too long, but no regrets.

30. The friends who check in even when we can’t be together

During the age of social distancing, feelings of loneliness and isolation have increased. Even a small occasional check-in can go a long way.



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