Volleyball juniors highlight benefits of being both teammates, roommates

Sophomore outside hitter Brooke Townsend laughs with teammates during a match against Chicago State University on Sept. 20, 2019 at College Park Center. 

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your roommate and finding activities to bond over is essential in college. 

Junior setter Kylee Kapp and junior outside hitter Brooke Townsend exemplify this, as both teammates and roommates.

“Our freshman year, we got paired together, and throughout the year we were able to bond,” Kapp said. “So it made sense our sophomore year to be roommates.” 

Townsend said they were given the opportunity to grow together through volleyball. 

Another unique aspect of the pair is they both major in marketing and management. 

“It’s been really cool to have someone my age who is going through the same stuff, and we can just relate to a bunch of different things,” Townsend said. 

The two have game nights with their roommates and the team, Kapp said. Getting to see everyone and bond as a team after quarantine ended was especially fun.

Other than game nights, they schedule time to watch TV, specifically “The Bachelor,” every Tuesday. They don’t have much time for other activities as student-athletes. 

While at home, most of their conversations involve practices or games.

“I don’t think there’s been a time that we come home and not talk about the game, talking about what we could’ve done better and what we need to go into practice and work on,” Kapp said. 

Assistant volleyball coach Kailee May notices the interactions the two have on and off the court. 

“They’re really good at keeping each other in check. They’re both fun girls to be around and have big personalities,” May said. “When it comes to game time and practice, they do a good job of bringing each other back into the competitive atmosphere and staying focused.” 

May believes living together gives them the opportunity to evaluate matches and practices, as well as the benefit of talking about volleyball a lot. 

Kapp and Townsend take advantage of their alone time when the opportunity presents itself. 

“I think we’ve learned each other’s schedules, so we respect each other’s alone time,” Townsend said. “We don’t get much time to ourselves.” 

May believes it can be hard to balance volleyball and personal life because you are constantly with your team. But she said there is a lot of growing and maturing that happens when you are roommates with a teammate. 

The duo complements one another through their personalities, May said. 

She said Townsend’s best trait is her drive to be the best on the court and in the classroom. Kapp’s best quality, meanwhile, is not taking mistakes personally and moving forward after one is made.  

May said Townsend and Kapp are a good example of having chemistry on and off the court.

“They have a really good balance of the competitive edge on the court, but also maintaining a really close friendship and making sure they have each other’s backs,” she said. “They’re putting each other first and their teammates first.” 



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