UTA freshmen can meet peers with similar interests, majors through residential learning communities

Residential learning communities offer accommodations for freshmen who want to live on campus with peers of shared majors and interests.  

A residential learning community consists of about 15 to 30 freshmen who are enrolled in similar schedules. There are currently 132 students living in multiple communities across all four residence halls, said Nandini Bissessar-Grant, auxiliary services associate director, in an email.  

Residential learning communities are a collaboration between University Housing, Apartment and Residence Life and the Office of New Student Courses in the Division of Student Success.  

“An RLC is a good choice for [freshmen] because it provides students with opportunities to build community, make friends, connect with faculty and have access to fun programming,” Danielle Klein, New Student Courses director, said in an email.  

Klein said all students who would like to be in a residential learning community need to live in the associated residence hall.   

Interested freshmen can visit the University Housing website and apply through the Housing Application system. Students will move in during the Residence Hall Move-In event on Aug. 22, Bissessar-Grant said. 

Freshmen who live in residential learning communities in Vandergriff Hall and West Hall would  live in double rooms, meaning two residents must share one bedroom and bathroom. 

In Arlington Hall and Kalpana Chawla Hall, students live in a double room or private suites, which include three single bedrooms and a shared living room and bathroom area.  

Residential learning communities are only available for freshmen. However, transfer students can live in a Theme Housing community, which may include one or more residential learning communities and upper-class residents who share similar majors or interests, Bissessar-Grant said.  


Freshmen interested in architecture and interior design will live in the Architecture Resident Living Community within the Designing The 21st Century Theme Housing, located in West Hall. 

Science & Pre-Med 

Located in KC Hall, this residential learning community houses biology students. Combining with other students in the Science and Discovery Theme Housing, this community will put freshmen ahead in pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-dental or pre-vet majors.  


Freshmen engineering majors will be separated into two Theme Housing units. Students interested in the designing aspect will live in the Engineering residential learning community within the Designing the 21st Century Theme Housing located in West Hall. Students who share interests in applying technologies to solve problems will live within the Engineering Your Future Theme Housing in KC Hall.  


As one of the larger residential learning communities, nursing freshmen are also separated into two different Theme Housing units. Nursing freshmen interested in kinesiology or leading a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle will live together in the Residential Learning Center within the Healthy Lifestyles Theme Housing in West Hall. The Nursing Theme Housing, located in Arlington Hall, consists of students in the nursing residential learning community who share a passion for empathetic care. Both communities will help students network with professional nurses, develop a professional portfolio and experience expedited advising and registration.  

Liberal Arts 

Freshmen interested in literary and artistic expression can live together in a residential learning community within the Arts and Society Theme Housing in Vandergriff Hall. This residential learning community will allow students to explore academic and career options, evaluate strengths and aspirations, and apply them to each discipline. Freshmen will also gain critical thinking and writing skills, which will help in their future careers.  


Freshmen who identify as LGBTQ+ or allies can live together in Vandergriff Hall no matter their major. Participants in this community will complete two classes each semester together. Freshmen will actively participate in educational programming related to gender, sexuality, social justice, intersectionality and on-and-off-campus activities. This is one of the two new residential learning communities available next semester.  

The living community will be a support system for LGBTQ+ students and help ensure academic success. 

Men of Distinction 

This is another new residential learning community that will start next semester. It’s part of an expanding partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, Klein said.  

The Men of Distinction residential learning community is a community open to all students that focuses on the retention and recruitment of Black and Latino men at UTA.  



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