Restrooms can be a safe place, a zone of peace and tranquility, a spot to escape from the stresses of daily life and find peace for a period of time.  

Some people have rules for their restrooms, things they like to have in a particular order or cleaned in a certain way with specific tools.  

Some need their restrooms smelling nice, not like someone just got off the toilet. 

Everyone has preferences, from which way the toilet paper should be facing to putting the toilet seat down. If even the slightest thing is off about the restroom, they will likely notice. 

Daniel Saucedo, marketing and management senior, lives with a family of six, including his father, mother and four brothers. 

Out of the four brothers, Saucedo said he is the cleanest.  

His biggest restroom rule is cleaning up the sink and mirror area after brushing your teeth. Saucedo said he hates to see toothpaste residue in the sink and mirror area. 

He also likes for things to be organized and hates to see things left out that need to be put back in the correct drawer. 

Saucedo feels the same about other people’s restrooms. He said he wants to see people take the time to make their restroom look nice. 

“The first thing you notice as soon as you open the door is ‘is it clean’ or ‘how does it smell?’” Saucedo said. “Are you taking any extra initiative to give a good presentation for the people coming?” 

Saucedo said he appreciates when people take the extra step to put a candle in their restrooms or have a wall plug that emits a nice aroma. 

He said he uses a mix of different cleaning products to keep his own restroom smelling nice, from Fabuloso to Clorox. After he’s done cleaning, he likes lighting a candle for a continuous nice scent. 

Saucedo said his go-to cleaning product is Clorox’s bathroom foamer with bleach. 

Biomedical engineering freshman Jacob Mayfield said he has a pet peeve of people not drying off completely before exiting the shower. 

“I don’t like whenever people come out of the shower just completely dripping, and then they soak up the foot dryer towel that’s on the ground,” Mayfield said. “Then if I go take a shower, I can’t dry off my feet there because it’s wet.” 

Another rule Mayfield said people should abide by is placing toilet paper on the holder with the toilet paper facing the outside.   

“That should be a rule for everybody,” he said. 

He also likes the toilet seat to be down and the shower curtain to hang on the side farthest from the spout. 

When cleaning his restroom, Mayfield said he uses a variety of products, but his favorite is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 

“That thing will wipe away anything and everything,” he said. 

One thing Mayfield said he doesn’t mind is urinating in the shower, an age-old discussion that people have different views on. 

“As long as you can aim at the drain, I’m fine with it,” he said. “The shower is going to wash [it] away anyway.”  

Others have mixed feelings and views on whether it’s fine to use the shower as a toilet. 

“I’m OK with that, but at the same time it’s my shower,” musical theatre freshman Ambar Acosta said. “If it’s someone that I just met that’s peeing in my shower, I mean I do clean it, but still I would be like ‘the toilets right there.’” 

Like Saucedo, Acosta said she likes to see effort from others to make their restroom look more appealing to use. She said the first thing she notices when entering a restroom is the decor.  

“If I see that they’ve actually taken the time to put little plants or a little sign or some magazines, I’m like ‘OK they want this to look really nice,’” Acosta said. 

Her biggest pet peeves are people not flushing the toilet or not putting the seat down after finishing up, things that she said are “common courtesy” and “so basic.”  

Acosta said the best way to keep a restroom clean is to have a routine and make sure to stick to it. 

It’s safe to say that everyone has different rules they prefer for their restrooms.


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