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Answer this quiz on your college living habits, and we’ll tell you what Hogwarts house you belong to

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The way you handle living on your own says a lot! Enough, in fact, that we can tell exactly what Hogwarts house you’d belong to based on your habits, how you treat your roommates and more.

Answer the 11 questions below to be sorted into your house.

How messy is your room?

Your roommate left the living room a mess, and you have friends coming over. Do you…

You have a problem with your roommate. How do you handle it?

Would you ever eat your roommate’s food?

Which amenity would you most want your living space to have?

How many roommates would you want to have?

What would be your biggest roommate pet peeve?

When do you pay rent?

Which would you rather have in your room?

Where would you study?

What house would you want to be sorted into?

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