‘Just communicate’: how to manage sexual interactions around roommates

Managing roommates and sexual relationships can be difficult if communication is not used effectively.

Some residents said it is important to inform their roommate and get permission beforehand when they have company over or are trying to engage in sexual activity with their partner. 

“If we were to bring a guest over, we would make sure it was okay with [our roommates],”  nursing sophomore Lindsay McCranie said. 

Aerospace engineering freshman Jim Ber said in regard to public displays of affection and sex while living with roommates, students should ensure others are not home. 

“Just communicate,” Ber said. “Communicate, ‘Hey, this is about to happen, just letting you know, in case you want to leave, which you probably do.” 

Undeclared freshman Benjamin Suh believes it can be considered disrespectful to engage in sexual activity with a roommate around, especially when not well acquainted with each other. He wouldn’t want his roommate to experience that, even with their permission. He suggests asking the roommate to leave. 

Ber said his roommates are respectful when they have their girlfriends over, but that is not always the case for others. 

“Don’t have a full-out make-out sesh in front of me,” McCranie said. 

Architecture senior Danielle Stephens said setting boundaries with your roommate is very important to avoid awkwardness and feeling uncomfortable whenever someone’s significant other is around. 

It may be best to move out when those boundaries aren’t respected, Stephens said. 

“If you’re not going to listen to me about something that makes me uncomfortable, what’s the point of living with you,” Stephens said. “If that’s the one thing you’re not going to listen to me about, what are other options that you’re not going to listen to me about?” 

Overall, communicating and being respectful when booty comes calling is essential with roommates.  



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