HOUSTON — Protestors gathered outside NRG Stadium before and well after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's arrival to the Howdy Modi event, a summit between him and U.S. President Donald Trump.

The protest was intended coincide with the Howdy Modi event. Protestors took turns sharing personal perspectives and leading chants.

Gathered on the south side of the stadium, protestors said they believed Modi is trespassing on human rights in Kashmir, a region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent. The region was under special status allowing it to maintain a separate constitution, a state flag and other forms of autonomy, until that status was revoked in August through a presidential order by Modi.

Modi defended this decision Sunday during the Howdy Modi Community Summit, claiming the move would help the development of Kashmir.

Organizers extended the protest after the event was delayed to ensure attendees would see the protest afterward.

Many Howdy Modi attendees returned the protestors' chants with their own, often responding with chants of "Modi."

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