Jazz and classical music resonated around the close walls of the University Center art gallery as graduate student Lisa Sack spread layer after layer of paint on the newest UTA spirit horse, named Brilliance.

The Spirit Horse project brings a new fiberglass spirit horse each fall to UTA, which a student paints with a custom design.

Sack submitted a design proposal to the university in the spring and started painting in mid-July. Just weeks later, the colorful statue stood watch over the MavsMeet AfterParty on Tuesday as students and faculty stopped to take pictures in front of it.

"It was really cool to look at the sketches and see how I actually stuck to it — exactly what my idea was," she said.

As an online-only student, Sack said she accomplished her goal of becoming plugged in on campus by painting the spirit horse.

During the weeks leading up to the unveiling, Sack estimated she put over 40 hours into the piece.

The statue is decorated with icons that represent the four themes of the UTA 2020 strategic plan: health and the human condition, sustainable urban communities, global environmental impact and data-driven discovery.

Brilliance will be permanently rehoused outside the UTA Bookstore.

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