Topical ointments recommended by UTA community

Truc Tran, accounting and business management sophomore, has used Eagle Brand Medicated Oil ever since she was young. 

She doesn’t really use prescription medicine over the counter because her mother believes the oil cures everything, Tran said. 

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil has a green color and includes ingredients such as natural eucalyptus oil, rose oil, mint oil and menthol. Just like Tiger Balm, it helps with muscle and joint pain, headaches, stomachaches and motion sickness.

Physics senior Yunyoung Kim said he’s been using Tiger Balm for as long as he could remember because his parents introduced it to him. Kim said he uses it whenever he has a sprain or feels inflammation in his body. 

Tiger Balm is a topical pain relief medication that’s been around for over 100 years. It treats headaches, colds, muscle pain and joint pain by providing a cooling sensation.

Kim said its consistency is similar to petroleum jelly, and it’s reliable like Vicks VapoRub.

The ingredients in Tiger Balm help blood flow which leads to faster healing, said Dr. Evan Pinto, a U.S. born, Shanghai practitioner to RADII, an independent outlet that shares stories about Chinese culture.

Tiger Balm is one of the world’s well-known pain-relieving remedies and about 100 countries use it, according to the company’s website. 

Topical ointments such as Tiger Balm, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil and Five Crane menthol sticks are used in many Asian countries. 

Jason Yeun, international business senior said Eagle Brand Medicated Oil, like most Eastern medicine, has an herbaceous smell and is not as concentrated as Western medicine. People should try it first before over-the-counter medicine, he said. 

“I still use it today, usually for any pain reliever,” Yeun said. “When I smell it, it just makes me feel better.” 


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