Tarrant County Public Health announced it would begin reporting all COVID-19 cases, including provisional cases that lab reports confirmed but are pending on investigational data.

Until now, the county has only reported confirmed cases, Vinny Taneja, Tarrant County Public Health director, stated in a press release Monday. The county will now include provisional case numbers so that the public has a better understanding of the COVID-19 spread in the county.

There are currently 155 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Tarrant County, according to the county website. In addition to that, the county reports 83 provisional cases that are pending confirmation.

According to the Tarrant County website, every city in the county has at least one confirmed COVID-19 case.

Fort Worth has the most cases with 52 active out of the 55 confirmed, followed by Arlington, which has 24 active out of the 26 confirmed. The rest of the cases are spread among the remaining cities. To see a list of cases in Tarrant County cities, click here.

The provisional numbers are not specified by the city. So far, the county reports eight recoveries from COVID-19 and one death.



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