School seems so pointless when the world is on fire.

UTA and universities across the country should cancel school and give every student a passing grade. It would be easier for the teachers and students.

In this time of peril, many students may be facing major additional pressures, distractions, disappointments and depression. Our generation has never experienced something like this before.

Our lives must go on eventually, but right now everything feels like it’s on pause. It’s times like these that raise the question, “what’s the point of all of this?”

Getting an education is important, but when the world is facing a pandemic and you’re locked inside, you start to ask yourself those questions.

School seems so insignificant right now. Yet we’re all supposed to jump in and try to ignore the fire raging around us? That seems impossible.

Our semester has been wrecked by the coronavirus. Our graduation ceremonies have been postponed, our summer trips have been cancelled — assignments are the last thing on our minds.


Bush is a journalism senior and Community Voices columnist. 

We can’t see our friends or get hands-on experience, and we have to learn how to navigate an entirely new system.

Our professors worked diligently to move classes to an online platform, but many of the classes aren’t going to transfer to online well.

We have the capability to do it, but perhaps we shouldn’t have to.

Personally, I’m somewhere between depressed and disappointed. The stress is real. Leading up to now, the semester felt manageable. As a senior who’s taking six classes and working, that’s significant.

When everything hit the fan, my anxiety resurfaced. I wasn’t worried about being quarantined or even catching the virus. I was in tears over class, not seeing my professors or friends, how class would move forward and how this would all work out. My on-campus experiences with professors have been vital to my success at UTA, and their constant encouragement and support has been game changing.

Along with feeling useless, my insomnia returned.

Notifications from professors blew up my phone. The constant communication on how they are trying to make the semester continue became overwhelming, to the point where I’ve honestly thought of dropping out. My grades are good, but it doesn’t feel like it matters right now.

It’s hard to find the motivation to do assignments when your mental health took a hammer to your head.

There’s only about 50 days until graduation, and this is how it ends. We better have a giant party if and when we all finally get to walk across the stage. If we make it through this nightmare, we deserve that.

I’ll push through because I have to — we all have to — but it’s not easy. If you’re feeling alone in this, I promise you’re not.

The tendency to fall into depression and, if you’re graduating in May, the disappointment of missing your final weeks of school are hard pits to not fall into.

The university should really consider giving us all passing grades, but since that seems highly unlikely, I hope that professors will at least have an abundance of grace for students.


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