Gov. Greg Abbott authorizes local governments to postpone elections in response to COVID-19

Gov. Greg Abbott has authorized local governments to postpone their May 2 elections until Nov. 3 in response to COVID-19. 

Texas local governments have been authorized to postpone their May 2 elections until Nov. 3 in response to COVID-19.

This means Arlington’s May 2 general election could be postponed. This applies to the special election on the same date that includes raising the sales tax from 8.0% to 8.25%.

Provisions of the Texas Election Code were suspended Wednesday by Gov. Greg Abbott, allowing subdivisions to postpone the elections, according to an Office of the Texas Governor press release.

“Right now, the state’s focus is responding to COVID-19,” Abbott said in a statement. “By delaying this election, our local election officials can assist in that effort.”

The uniform election day in May allows local subdivisions to elect members of their governing bodies and fill vacancies, according to the Texas Secretary of State website.

Moving these local elections to Nov. 3 coincides with this year’s presidential election. Follow our presidential election timeline here.


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