COVID-19 cases at UTA continue to rise as Thanksgiving nears

The setting sun reflects off the UTA tower Jan. 19 on the corner of UTA Boulevard and Cooper Street. 

The university reported an additional 26 COVID-19 cases this week, bringing the total to 230 reported since March 14.

The 26 cases reported between Nov. 7 and Nov. 13 include 23 students, two employees and one contractor/vendor.

As of Thursday evening, 24 student cases and three employee cases are currently active, university spokesperson Joe Carpenter said in an email.

Lipscomb Hall is currently used to house on-campus residents not able to self-isolate or quarantine at an off-campus location. As of Thursday evening, five students were either in quarantine or isolation.

A student quarantines at Lipscomb Hall after being exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual, while a student in isolation is confirmed to have COVID-19.

There are a couple of instances in which some cases are connected to one another, Carpenter said.

As of Thursday evening, nine students who tested positive are university housing residents among residence halls and university apartments.

All in-person instruction will be moved online after Thanksgiving break to prevent the creation of virus hotspots on campus by students who visited people over the break.

The American College Health Association recommends students be tested prior to traveling for Thanksgiving, Carpenter said, and Health Services continues to offer free COVID-19 testing for students residing on campus.

UTA has 2,382 students living in residence halls and 1,908 students living in university apartments.

Locations on campus where an infected individual was present are immediately identified for specific cleaning and sanitation protocols. An infected individual is expected to follow isolation protocols, as well.

Individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 must report it to the university and fill out the Personal Diagnosis form. These individuals are expected to self-isolate at an off-campus location.


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