Arlington City Council postpones general, special elections due to coronavirus outbreak

Voters walk to and from the polls on March 3 at the Arlington Sub-courthouse. Arlington City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to postpone the May 2 general and special elections to Nov. 3.

Arlington City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to postpone the May 2 general and special elections to Nov. 3.

The postponement comes after Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order on March 18, allowing political subdivisions to move their elections to the next uniform date because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The next uniform date is Nov. 3.

The special election ballot includes a potential sales tax increase from 8% to 8.25%.

The current sales tax is divided with 6.25% going to the state and 1.75% staying in Arlington for various things, according to a previous Shorthorn article. For the amount that stays in the city, 1.0% goes to the city’s general fund, 0.50% to sports and community venues, and 0.25% for street maintenance.

The Shorthorn spoke with city manager Trey Yelverton on the potential sales tax increase and broke down what the additional 0.25% could be used for. That article can be found here.

Council member districts one, two, six and seven are on the general election ballot.

Sheri Capehart, district two council member, and Robert Shepard, district six council member, are ineligible to run for reelection because of the term limits measure passed in 2018.

Helen Moise, district one council member, and Victoria Farrar-Myers, district seven council member, are seeking reelection, according to a previous Shorthorn article.

According to a Secretary of State memo, individuals who currently hold public offices that were scheduled to be on the May ballot will continue to exercise the duties of those offices until the new officers take their oaths, following the November elections.

The political subdivision will preserve all candidate filings and ballot order actions that have already been taken, according to the memo. The postponement does not have the effect of reopening candidate filings.


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