The University Club is a restaurant on the lower level of Davis Hall where white walls lead to a glass wall looking out to a courtyard. A hostess at a desk greets customers. The club offers faculty and staff a place to go to relax and connect over lunch.

The club had a buffet day Feb. 7 and will be having another Feb. 14. The buffet days are a two-part tasting where faculty can taste many different foods during the two days.

“People come here to relax and connect with coworkers,” said Tina Gill, manager of the University Club.

Gill, who has worked at the club for a year and a half, said it’s the food and beautiful atmosphere that keeps people like Tracy McGee, Office of Information Technology desktop support technician, coming back for lunch every day.

“It is close by, and I don’t have to move my car and lose my parking spot,” McGee said.

While not every customer goes every day, some — like desktop support team lead Charlie Templeton — go about three days a week.

“It is convenient, reasonably-priced and my friends are here,” Templeton said.

University Club hostess Tamieka Morris said she sees the same people come in frequently.

“Even our takeout orders are made by the same people,” Morris said.

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