Side Dish Brock Beeler

Biology freshman Brock Beeler plays the piano in the Connection Cafe.

Walking into the Connection Cafe at the University Center, students can often smell the assortments.

On the right day, that's not the only thing wafting through the air. Just inside the cafe sits a small piano. Students have been taking advantage of the instrument as they eat.

The piano has become quite popular because for most nonmusic major students, it's the only piano available to play on campus, said pianist Brock Beeler.

Beeler, a biology freshman, said he likes playing because it's relaxing, and  it's a way to show off his skills.

For many students, the piano adds to their meal time experience. Business freshman Devan Subramaniam said the piano provides good ambience.

"It enhances my dining experience, for sure," Subramaniam said.

Given the public aspect of playing, some students develop a sense of respect for the brave players.

"When the good ones play, I'm so impressed and thankful that they are sharing their talent with everyone," social work freshman Kristen Grope said. "And when the amateurs play, I respect the fact that they are trying to learn something new and that they aren't too scared to play in public and possibly be criticized."


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