Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, filed Senate Bill 437 Friday that, if passed, could increase tuition for undocumented students at public colleges and universities.

Granbury's bill states that whoever is not legally authorized to be in the U.S. cannot be considered a Texas resident.

Currently, undocumented students who meet certain criteria can qualify for in-state tuition.

The bill provides some leeway for current undocumented students. Undocumented students who have been receiving in-state tuition and who complete at least 30 credit hours before the fall 2013 semester would not be affected, according to the bill.

UTA students who are Texas residents are charged $4,439 for taking 12 hours or more this spring semester. Non-residents are charged an extra $351 per semester credit hour, which equals $8651 for 12 hours – almost double what residents pay.  

UTA had 370 undocumented students in fiscal year 2010, Dominic Chavez, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board spokesperson, told The Shorthorn in September. 


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