The job fair is Feb. 20. 

We offered you some tips for what to do before meeting with representatives. But there's more work to do.

After the fair is when students engage in another competition for employers' attention. There is an unwritten protocol, but standard operating procedures including sending thank-you notes, delivering follow-up phone calls and asking for interviews for the job you want.
There's an order to all this. Career consultant Ayanna Parker from the Career Center provides advice.
Use discretion when calling employers
It's up to you to determine how you'll contact the employer, but establish contact. Just putting a resume or business card in a representative's hands won't get the job done – and you might not get the job.
Rule of three
If you don't know where to start, try an email follow up within a week of meeting representatives, a phone call or voice message the next and then another call about two or three weeks following the job fair.
Be very specific
These employers send representatives to job fairs all over the country. You shouldn't expect them to automatically remember you. When contacting them, be specific about who you are, where you are from and under what circumstance you had previous contact with them.
For email use – When following up in an email, use that opportunity to attach a resume and cover letter. This gives employers another opportunity to look at your credentials.
Organize everything – Note how and when you contact employers when following up. Let them know when you are available to take calls. And during those hours, have all appropriate documentation available to reference.
Be mindful of the hiring process
In other words, understand the time of events in the application process. Some job openings take a week to a few months to be filled after you have applied. If such a time passes, start looking at other options. In this economy, there are many more job seekers than there are jobs. There were 12.3 million unemployed Americans last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

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