January unemployment numbers show an increase for post-9/11 veterans, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau reported that 252,000 veterans were unemployed, a 74,000 increase from the same time last year, and a general increase in unemployment for the last few months.
Veteran unemployment is considered especially troubling to political leaders, who are lamenting service members not having a job when they return home. Many officials in the federal government, including President Barack Obama and his predecessors, share that sentiment, and as a result, veterans have many benefits available to them, including special work study programs, recovery and employment assistance, transitional and networking opportunities and general job sites geared toward veterans.
And the resources don't stop short at the individual collegiate level, either. UTA offers many services for the demographic, which included about 1,000 students last semester.
Veterans returning from combat to attend UTA can find help acclimating to school and civilian life via counseling services and career workshops administered by staff that understands the needs of the veteran-student population. One service offered has been a workshop for taking military experience and making effective resumes and cover letters from it. The Career Center, which has provided a staffer for such events, also provides general consultation for student veterans.



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