Many students start college unsure of what they hope to accomplish before and after graduation. For some, that uncertainty continues into the final semesters in college and even during the commencement ceremony.

While it's natural to question a decision, students' success and happiness in the professional world can ride on whether one is confident about his or her career choices.

Recognizing that I sometimes am not sure I made the right decision to pursue a career in journalism or political science — my first major — I sought advice from a career consultant at the Career Center on campus.
The following steps from the Career Center apply to both undeclared students and those unsatisfied with their majors.
  • Stop by the Career Center with an appointment or during walk-in hours.
  • Meet with a career consultant who will ask about your interests. If you are a junior, senior or just a student with a lot of hours, for example, consult University College about academic repercussions of changing majors later in your academic career.
  • Your consultant will likely direct you to, which assesses students' interests and personality types to help find matching jobs. Create a free account via Contact the Career Center for a license code.
  • Attend a Major Exploration seminar (see below).
  • Meet with a consultant again in case you are confused or dislike the results of the online assessment from For example, you might like to help people and be an adviser of sorts, but that doesn't mean you want to be a priest, which might be a top result.
Additional resources
  • University College advises undeclared students at all classification levels about majors and academic goals. One service the advising hub offers is the Major Exploration seminar, which advises students on choosing a major.
  • Consider an interdisciplinary studies or university studies degree program. This specifically helps students who don't want to choose among a few majors and be in school longer than necessary.
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