After practice, volleyball sophomores Stacey Koch and Caitlyn Cooney go to the trainer’s room to relax. Outside hitter Koch and left side hitter Cooney said they have more responsibility this season and can already feel it in practice.

With three seniors on the team, Koch said the added leadership is influential.

“This year, we’ll have a better chance of playing together because last year there was a bunch of people new to playing with each other,” she said. “It’ll be easier for us to get along this year.”

Koch, who had 25 blocks last season, said the team is practicing swing blocking, a move where the player focus on vertical movement while moving her arms.

Cooney, who managed 128 digs last season, said she used the summer to hangout with new teammates and work on her game.

“My serve receive was a downfall for me last year, and it’s something I really focused on this summer,” she said. “I’m hoping that will be a better aspect of my game.”

Cooney said she has a couple of teams marked on her calendar, she mentioned travelling will be fun.

“New teams, new states and I liked how last year we went to a bunch of that. I’ll never get a chance to go back to,” she said. “I’m looking forward to playing Texas State and this year, we get to go to Kentucky.”

Head coach Diane Seymour said Koch and Cooney could energize the team.

“They’re great, and they both got a lot of playing time last year, and I think they’re going to have a good season,” Seymour said.


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