Volleyball UTA vs Georgia State

Head coach Diane Seymour gives the team pointers during a timeout Nov. 1 at the College Park Center. The team played against the Georgia State Panthers.

The UTA volleyball team (19-15, 10-8, Sun Belt Conference) came into the season predicted to finish sixth in the Sun Belt Conference and silenced most critics by finishing fourth place in the conference. This past weekend, UTA put an end to any comments swirling around that said this group of girls was not for real and finished runners up in the Sun Belt. UTA reached the finals, but were swept 3-0 by their rivals, Texas State University, Saturday afternoon in Troy, Ala. With the season over, head coach Diane Seymour and a few players shared their reactions about the tournament. 


Diane Seymour, head coach

The Shorthorn: What was it like being so close to a Sun Belt championship?

DS: It was great! When it was all over I told them you have to think about the fact that Texas State had three or four of those kids that won a championship when they were sophomores.  They knew what it was like to be here on this day. We have to get to this day to understand what it is like to be here on this day. 

TS: Was it harder on the team emotionally being so close to winning a championship as opposed to losing in the first round?

DS: Emotionally, I would have been mad if we didn’t get to there. The emotion would have been different. It is hard losing in the championship, but I would have been mad had it been any earlier.


Charmaine Whitmore, middle blocker

TS: Tell me your emotions as the game ended?

CW: “It was a sad moment. I started crying. I couldn’t believe it was over. I was like, ‘I wish I had another year of eligibility.’ ” 


Taylor Gross, junior outside hitter

TS: Describe your emotions after the game?

TG: It was one of those things where there is immediate tears because you realize something that you have been doing since July comes to an end. I was really proud of the fact that we made it to the finals. Making it to the finals was huge, seeing that we were picked sixth before the season started.


Shelby Dickson, senior outside hitter 

TS: What were your emotions as the game ended? 

SD:  As the game was going on, I was not really thinking about it. Then when the game ended we were all pretty sad.

TS: What was it like the next day knowing it was all over?

SD: I think it still hasn’t hit me yet just because the semester is not over. I don’t think I want to believe it either because it has been such a huge part of my life. I don’t think any of us have really felt it yet, where we consider it over.




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