This week HomePlate heard of a traditional Ethiopian cuisine of called injera. Injera is a a pancake-style flatbread used to pinch food, taking place of utensils.

Economics freshman Kebure Assefa shared his favorite home-cooked meal eaten with the injera. The meal is from a different culture than those I've encountered at UTA so far. 

Where Assefa is from, his mother and their family’s hired maid makes a meal with the injera, including spinach and cabbage and different blends of curry sauce with different meats stirred in.

Assefa said a strong family tradition is gathering together and eating this meal at family reunions each month.

“Everybody gathers around the table and we pray before everyone just digs in with their hands,” Assefa said. “We have a huge family, so each family holds a gathering at their place.”

He said his family will actually slaughter the animal for the meal and get a priest to bless the food.

“I miss it a lot. I don’t miss it so much because of the food, but because of the time I get to spend with my family,” Assefa said.

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