Chicken Spaghetti

The odd yet attractive aroma of boiling noodles filled the room, and I knew there were only two possibilities for what madness could be in my kitchen.

My mom was at it again, cooking either chicken spaghetti or regular spaghetti. So I hopped off of the couch to make sure she wasn’t burning the house down, something she attempts to do nearly every time she cooks.

I crept cautiously around the corner of the hall into the kitchen, waiting for random bursts of profanity that occasionally came with a burned meal. But I made it around the corner with no explosions.

To my surprise, she had let the noodles boil while she cut the chicken calmly. Me, being the angel of a son that I am, jumped right in the mix to help her. That’s when we started belting out pop hits such as Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and danced around the kitchen wildly as we cooked my favorite meal — chicken spaghetti.

Some of my favorite memories as a young child and even a young man involve cooking this meal with my mom. This is one example of the type of memory that can make any college kid living away from home a little bit homesick.

This blog is a new addition to The Shorthorn’s digital-first concept that is kicking off this fall. HomePlate is here to give students a place to connect in a culinary and cultural way.

Last fall, this campus had more than 33,000 students. Of those, more than 4,000 were black, 100 were Native American, 14,000 were white, 6,000 were Hispanic, 3,000 were Asian and 2,000 were international students. 

Those numbers may change this fall, but my aim is to explore the diverse student population we have on campus and show that, even though everyone is different, anyone can find a friend to connect with at this college somehow — like over a home-cooked meal.

When the meal is finished, each bite contains the most perfect ratio of cheese to noodles known to man. I sipped my cold Dr Pepper in between bites and ate until I had to vegetate on the couch for an hour or two because my stomach was so full that moving was a preposterous idea.

Now that I’m away from home and out on my own, I realize how significant those small moments actually are to me.

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