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Undeclared freshman Geovanny Alzate

Undeclared freshman Geovanny Alzate shared his favorite home-cooked meal to an extent that’s actually somewhat disturbing.

Alzate groaned with pleasure as he described his mother and father’s homemade empanadas, a Colombian dish of bread stuffed with assorted meats.

“I eat it with salsa called Aji Picante,” Alzate said. “I just pour a little each bite. My parents make it together, both of them as a team. They only make it like two times a year." 

Unfortunately for Alzate, he said he must wait until Thanksgiving and then Christmas for his craving to be satisfied. 

“Last year during Christmas time, I ate so many that I threw up,” he said, chuckling. “It actually tasted good coming out also." 

But that didn’t stop him from eating more, he said.

“I ate anywhere from 8 to 10 of them in all,” he continued.

Alzate said he must make up for the other 363 days he cannot have empanadas by filling his stomach multiple times in one sitting.

That, food enthusiasts, is true dedication to the flavor.

If you or any of your fellow students are interested in sharing any heartwarming tales of regurgitation or your own interesting experiences, please contact me below. 



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